Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Next Steps: group projects

From GreenGarageLibrary

Now that there are group projects/activities underway, there are some processes and methods that need to be established and adapted for both groups and individuals. While all of these basic components must be addressed by everyone, the manner in which they are addressed is flexible.
At the group level:
1. A basic statement of purpose. The group should be able to state what the planned and desired outcome(s) of the group's efforts are, some sense of why this is desired/planned. You could think of this as a mission statement, although it may not end up sounding much like one. If the outcome is an experiment (i.e. the results will be determined by a process) rather than something that follows a plan (a preconceived rendering of something), then that experimentation should be accounted for in both the what and why.
2. An accounting of the group's membership. Who is going to be involved in making decisions and carrying out those decisions? Who is doing what?
3. A contract between group members that the group agrees to. This needs to be an actual document that includes the basic statement of purpose as well as a general set of terms for working together than everyone agrees to. If "outside" groups or people are involved, they should be considered in your contract. What are the obligations and responsibilities between you and them?
4. Following the contract, there needs to be some kind of functional and reasonable scheduling. This can be facilitated in whatever way works best for the group, but it needs to be accessible and documented.
5. Thorough documentation of all activities, including all the components listed above. You can use a web-based platform to facilitate group documentation in any media (writing, video, photography, etc) or any other combination of forms (electronic or not) that can be submitted at the end of the class.
At the individual level:
1. Documentation of your own contributions to the group process. This does not need to be formal, but should be consistent. It could be as simple as notes in a journal.
At the end of the semester:
1. Some form of group evaluation of the project/activities at the conclusion of the semester.
2. Self and peer-evaluation of your group's work. Each person will submit a basic peer review at the end of the semester.


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