Thursday, January 24, 2013

For January 30

1. We will meet at 4:30 at the IMC in Urbana. Inside the old Post Office building, on the North side of Lincoln Square Mall (where Broadway runs into the mall).
2. Check out the calendar for this week's readings/viewings/listenings on intentional/utopian communities and counter communities.
3. Following up on our individual and collective visualization/mapping of the relationships between interests and institutions, here are two brief exercises to complete and bring for discussion.
a) Refering to the earlier diagram you received on the first day, produce three documents that reveal three different relationships you have with the University. These documents can be anything that works: photographs, screen captures, copied/scanned documents, recorded audio. The point is to represent HOW the various micro-institutions within the University are known to you, so they should be specific to your experience, not generic examples pulled from a stock source.
b) Based on the interests you described for the collective diagram, produce documents that illustrate the relationship between yourself and the "institution" related to that interest. Again, this can be any kind of document, and should probably reflect the formality/informality of that relationship (also, these should be specific rather than generic). The "interface" you wrote on the post-it attached to the connecting string is a starting point.
For anyone who wanted to see more of the documentary of the 1999/2000 protests in Seatle that helped generate the IMC movement globally (This is What Democracy Looks Like), you can watch it on Youtube, of course. Between about 10 min and 30 min in is worth watching for a comparison of the news media coverage versus what people saw on the ground.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reminder: Tomorrow, Wed Jan 23

We'll be talking with Marc Fischer of Temporary Services (and Public Collectors), so have some ideas for questions for him, after looking at the readings and links on the calendar page. Please, write questions and comments in the Discussion Forum, for reference.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome to ARTS445: Art + Institutions

This website will serve as a repository for course-related documents, conversations and readings. Use the menu at the left to navigate course content. This page will feature updates and news from Ryan.


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