Thursday, March 7, 2013

For Wednesday, March 13

Following up on our conversation with Paul:
An article on site-specificity, aesthetics and "community" by art historian Miwon Kwon
A different perspective on the problems of community and art by another art historian, Grant Kester

Please take a look at these articles (no need to post about them in a separate discussion) so that we can include some of the concerns they bring up.
Also, if you haven't looked at Mess Hall's 10 point "manifesto," please do.
I'd like everyone to write at least one (but no more than three) statements that could serve as a guiding principle that you would like to follow (as it relates to a class like this). These should not be statements about "interests," ("I want to learn how to tango.") but statements of ideology or philosophy. Try to avoid overly generic statements like "We need more cultural spaces," and try to get at something that defines the desire a bit more (e.g. "...more cultural spaces run by the people who use them").
We don't necessarily need to produce a "manifesto" like Mess Hall's, but everyone should have some kind of understanding of how your personal desires/needs relate to our situation within the class, the University, and our surroundings.
Also, PLEASE take a look at what has been written in the "project" discussions so far, and respond if you have ideas or thoughts.


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